Divitis Home SIRIUS Silverware Set 20 Piece, 18/10 Stainless Steel Set for 4

Divitis Home SIRIUS Silverware Set 20 Piece, 18/10 Stainless Steel Set for 4

  • 🍴MATERIAL OF SILVERWARE SET: Divitis Home Flatware is Made of High Quality 18/10 Stainless Steel. Our flatware uses type 304 (18/10) stainless steel in every piece. The highest quality stainless steel that we use allows our designers to create elegant flatware that has the appearance and feel of silver and the weight and balance of the most expensive and finest cutlery.
  • 🍴STANDING TABLE KNIFE DESIGN: You will enjoy using the standing knife at every meal and will also enjoy the compliments you will receive from guests who will find the design and look uncommon and remarkable.
  • 🍴DESIGN AND WEIGHT: The forks and spoons in this set each weigh 80 grams, and the standing table knives each weigh 100 grams. The weight of the flatware compares with silver flatware and our design provides a balance and comfort superior to other flatware.
  • 🍴GIFT PACKAGE: Stylized box packaging makes this set the perfect housewarming gift for any occasion.
  • 🍴DISHWASHER SAFE: Dishwasher-safe silverware set. Wash your silverware set in the compartment of your dishwasher designed for flatware.
  • Divitis Home Silverware Set


    Divitis Home’s superior design and use of highest quality stainless steel delivers a silverware set that you will enjoy using for years on end.

    Our flatware set will provide enjoyment with its daily comfort and durability at casual meals and gatherings and will also stand out at more formal meals. The feel and function of our silverware set works side by side with our elegant design in providing a mealtime experience like no other. The durability and appeal of our flatware will truly last you a lifetime.

    A standard four-setting silverware set includes a dinner fork 8"(20cm), salad fork 7"(17.5cm), soup spoon 8"(20cm), teaspoon 5.5"(14cm), and table knife 9"(23cm). Our cutlery set provides the perfect balance of value and high quality along with elegant and thoughtful design.

    Divitis Home Flatware is made of High Quality 18/10 Stainless Steel. Stainless steel flatware is made with chromium and nickel as the main composite additives to the steel material. Chromium (18), provides resistance to corrosion and rusting. Nickel (10) provides a silvered and mirrored finish and is typically the strongest indicator of the quality of the steel used in manufacturing stainless steel flatware.

    Divitis Home highest quality stainless steel table knives are designed and manufactured to achieve the perfect balance of feel and function. Our standing table knife design provides an exceptionally aesthetic functional design. Coupled with the feel and balance of the forks and spoons set, the standing table knife marks the center of the entire set with distinctive quality and visual appeal.

    Elegant stainless steel Divitis Silverware Set 20 piece will provide years and years of enjoyment and quality service.